Ester van Dam - Art Gallery

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Ester van Dam - Art Gallery

Ester van Dam Art Gallery

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 Ester Karina Eija van Dam


Born in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and brought up in the small town of Krimpen aan den IJssel, i have been painting for as long as i can remember. Inspired by the things that surround us, the colors,light, movement but above all by nature. With my mother being Finnish it is impossible not to love nature. In Finland/ Suomi you can still find nature in it's purest form, wild and unspoiled as it should be. There one is part of nature and not merely an observer. In Finland people always find it utterly funny when i tell them that in nature parcs in the Netherlands you have signs saying that big game is resting there and you should not disturb them. I do also explain that it is hardly possible to have it any other way as there is hardly any nature left. i always feel slightly alarmed when i see all those trees in line when hovering above Schiphol. It has it's charm but i like natures way better. Apart from vast wildernes there is that mesmerising nordic light, both in winter and summer, giving everything a slightly surreal quality.

In 1997 i left the Netherlands to attend a Foundation Course in Art and Design in  Exeter (the United Kingdom). Living in Torquay which is near Exeter was great. Everybody had assured me that it would be no fun to stay there after the summer but they were wrong. The stormy skies, the great ocean (i love to swim cold or not), Dartmoor, the dramatic cloudy skies, if it would have been up to me i would have never left.

Nowadays i live in Leiden (the Netherlands). Apart from painting i have a passion for traveling ofcourse together with my paints and brushes! The past few years i have been so lucky to visit some countries in Asia. The impressions and encounters had to find their way into my work. On this website you can find a vast amount of sketches which have been made during several journeys. 

Practising TaiChi and Kung Fu brought me to Beijing China, there i was inspired to the story of Guan Yin as we all need a little more compassion and patience in our lives!

As a painter often the first question people ask is what your work looks like, what you make, and what style you have. Such a difficult question! I usually start to explain what i don't paint.If i would have to answer that question it would be that i try to catch and translate a moment of beauty an certain impression orfeeling so others can experience that too. If only the vieuwer is stopped in his/her tracks for a moment and let themselves be caught in a dream for just a moment and be moved like i was moved by a certain experience then i am happy. Nowadays we are so rushed we forget to observe and see the beauty that surrounds us, that i find is sad. 

All materials lend themselves for this goal, from oil colour to aquarel, from ink to digital art work. I love to exploire different technics and found that often when you are playing with the material you discover the greatests treasures.

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